The Lower School

The lower school is from Play Group to Class Two. Students are extensively provided with facilities that support their study with practical learning tools. The lower school library has story books, toys, puzzles and the play zone exposes the children to different games as well as cultural activities. Besides, a highly experienced group of teachers ensures proper growth of happy, smart, responsive, reflective and intellegent children.

The Primary School

The primary school is from class three to class five. Students get the touch of PECE preparation from class three. Systematic approach to PECE examination makes the students confident. Teacher’s meeting and PTM are arranged to discuss the development of students. Again, there is increased orientation to lab-works, co-curricular activities, outing and sports. Our objective is to teach them from a practical point of view.

The Junior School

The Junior school is from class six to class eight. The students take a new turn to a different direction of education. They start to setup their base in various disciplines of math, science, social science and global science. A base is to be built for the preparation of JSC examination. They need science, math, computer and social science workshop classes. Besides, indoor and outdoor games are necessary. Furthermore, cultural events are necessary for their mental development. SSBH provides all these supports to build up the students.

The Secondary School

The Secondary School is from class nine to ten. The students need specialized lab, highly capable teachers who can lead and guide them with a challenging goal to support a result of A+. Since this result has a lifelong impact, guardians and teachers take extra care of the students. SSBH has exclusive lab and faculty members who help the students to achieve such goal. Besides, they take part in co-curricular activities for their mental and physical growth.